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Swift and effective responses to client needs with commitment and competence.

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A niche and alternative law firm disrupting the traditional model, Elysium’s lawyers and advisors provide knowledge and expertise via the use of cutting-edge technology.

We are a Direct Access Barrister firm with litigation privileges, meaning we can do the same work as a Solicitor firm, but with the prestige and expertise of a Barrister working directly on your matter, day to day.

We provide swift and effective responses to client needs with commitment and competence, both nationally and internationally.

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One firm for all your Legal, Tax and Business needs. Our team of lawyers and advisors look to combine their specialist knowledge with commercial insight and a client centered approach.
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As Chartered Accountants we have instructed Elysium on a numbers of matters from Company re-structuring to complex Wills and IHT planning. They are always responsive and focused on giving us the best advice for our client needs

MG-BG Chartered Accountants, Leicester

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Norwich Pharmacal Orders: Understanding the Procedure and Application

In this article, Ruby Keeler-Williams of Elysium Law discusses Norwich Pharmacal Orders, when they are suitable, and the application procedure As part of our role in assisting Clients with Litigation, it is important to have a clear understanding of the tools available to obtain evidence and information. One such tool is a Norwich Pharmacal Order […]

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Protecting Yourself After a Data Breach: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, Ruby Keeler-Williams of Elysium Law aims to clarify what your first steps should be if you have been affected by a personal data breach. In recent years, data breaches have become increasingly common, and unfortunately, any individual is at risk of falling victim, however carefully they safeguard their data. If you have […]

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AI and Data Privacy: The Increasing Risk of Personal Data Breaches

In this article, Ruby Keeler-Williams of Elysium Law considers whether the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence have increased the risk of data breaches. I was recently asked whether the recent developments in AI, particularly in relation to deep learning, and natural language processing have increased the risk of personal data breaches. In my view, whilst AI will […]