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Swift and effective responses to client needs with commitment and competence.

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A niche and alternative law firm disrupting the traditional model, Elysium’s lawyers and advisors provide knowledge and expertise via the use of cutting-edge technology.

We are a Direct Access Barrister firm with litigation privileges, meaning we can do the same work as a Solicitor firm, but with the prestige and expertise of a Barrister working directly on your matter, day to day.

We provide swift and effective responses to client needs with commitment and competence, both nationally and internationally.

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One firm for all your Legal, Tax and Business needs. Our team of lawyers and advisors look to combine their specialist knowledge with commercial insight and a client centered approach.
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We took advice from Richard Gray when our former solicitors failed to advise us in relation to a series of investments which breached the Consumer Credit Act and then failed to secure our investment in excess of a million pound. Our partnership recovered a very substantial amount of money after Elysium’s involvement.

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Legal Insights: A Litigation Overview following Spotlight 63

In this article, Ruby Keeler-Williams and Richard Gray of Elysium Law provide an overview of the legal action which can potentially be brought against LT4L and the companies involved within the structure – which is now the subject of HMRC Spotlight 63. In this article, we’ll give an overview of aspects of the anticipated litigation […]

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Exiting Tax Avoidance Schemes following HMRC’s Spotlight 63

In this article, Richard Gray and Ruby Keeler-Williams of Elysium Law provide practical guidance for individuals navigating the exit process from tax planning schemes, notably those promoted by Less Tax For Landlords. Let us start by thanking the CIOT for publishing the letter which is being sent by HMRC following Spotlight 63. This communication sheds […]

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In this article, Ruby Keeler-Williams of Elysium Law explores the tax avoidance scheme advocated by Less Tax for Landlords (LT4L), examining its implications for landlords and the potential basis for professional negligence claims Following enquiries from individuals affected, we have commenced a review of the tax avoidance scheme being aggressively marketed to landlords by Less […]