About Us

Elysium Law is a small team of lawyers who work diligently together on each and every case. This enables us to carefully review the needs of our clients and plan their case to ensure the whole firm is working together for you. In practice this isn’t much different to how a larger firm would operate, with smaller teams working together.

This method of working also enables us to work closely with carefully selected experts in various fields and provide you with a bespoke service. Whilst we have clearly defined roles and work independently on our own tasks, we are always pulling together for each client’s benefit.

We identified many years ago the increasing role of technology in the legal sector and have embraced market leading software which helps us deliver our work efficiently, saves considerable time and as a consequence cost to our clients compared to a traditional practice. Not only does this make us competitive, but it also allows us to focus on the key aspects of your case.

The various efficiency processes we have developed along with our technology partners enable us to take on large and complex group litigation – at any one time approximately half of our case load is made up of hundreds of clients engaged in litigation together – whether that is pursuing or defending a claim. The major benefit where there is a large group engaged in litigation, is that we can act for them at an extremely attractive cost to the individual.

The role of technology in the legal industry is only going to increase and for this reason we are often at the forefront of testing new systems, which enables us to have a role in the development of them, using our legal experience to tailor the technology. We are proud to have played an active role in the early development with several key technology partners who are now operating across the international legal software industry.

Using technology also helps us to connect with clients from across the world, we have represented individuals and businesses from all over the globe and have conducted litigation for a significant number of Asian and Middle Eastern clients.​