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Loan charge contractors

Posted: 17 Jan 2024
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We were instructed to defend claims made against loan charge contractors who entered into marketed tax avoidance schemes but were described as legitimate tax mitigation by way of loan payments.

The individuals we represented numbered over 150, and the loans were being called in by a third party.

Our technology has enabled us to take documents directly and securely from each client, saving time and money. 

We reviewed over 107,000 pages of documents disclosed in this matter, and it was clear from the review of these documents and evidence from our clients that this was clearly a tax avoidance arrangement, and the loans were, in our view, unenforceable.

We facilitated a mediation to narrow the issues in dispute. Following that mediation, we subsequently served the company a comprehensive letter of response that rebutted the claims on the grounds of collateral contract, misrepresentation, and breach of trust.

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