David Brogelli


David operates a number of roles at Elysium Law, first and foremost he is our Finance and Practice Manager and spends much of his time on operational duties. In addition to that and as is necessary with a small firm, he is a fee earner, working on client files day to day and assists in both our litigation and tax matters.

He has ten years’ experience working in the legal sector and previously studied and worked in finance and research fields.

David joined the firm when Elysium was in its infancy and his adaptability has proved invaluable as we’ve grown in the years since.

Areas of Expertise

First and foremost, David would consider himself a ‘numbers man’, having achieved a BA (hons) in Business Economics from Keele University, first working in data analysis in the research industry. It was from there that he moved into finance and then law, he is soon to be a qualified Tax Professional.

Having run several financial claims departments in his previous employment, David built up extensive experience assisting clients with their legal issues and is an important part of our litigation team.

Whilst working at one of Liverpool’s biggest law firms, David helped recover millions of pounds for clients in the medical industry. He worked closely with medical experts and clients alike and his team built a strong reputation as specialists in this niche area.

David honed his skills working for private clients and his personable approach helped build a rapport which generated significant success. At Elysium, David works as much with business owners and other professionals as with private clients, but those skills are still as important.

David’s strategic thinking has helped us not only move the business forward in new directions but also proven invaluable in complex commercial negotiations. His clarity of thought helps cut the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and helps us focus on the important issues, achieving the best possible outcomes for clients.