Debt collection essentials for small business

Introduction Cashflow is vital to small businesses and having to spend time chasing up debts can mean you spend less time on your actual business. Worse, you may be tempted to write off the debt because it is too time consuming or difficult to pursue. You know it...Read More

Why your company needs a Shareholder Agreement

Although it is not a legal necessity, it is recommended practice when starting a business with more than one shareholder to draft a shareholder agreement. The shareholder agreement is a contract that regulates business between the shareholders, setting out their...Read More

Contractor Planning Debt Claims

We presently represent about 150 Clients who were threatened with a claim by Felicitas Solutions Limited (Felicitas) in the Isle of Man. Our Clients have instructed us to resist the Claims made and we have responded significantly. Our view is that they are not...Read More

Directors Duties – A Guide

What is a Company Director? A director has overall responsibility for a company. There can be one or more directors who will share responsibility equally. They take control of the day to day running of the of the company, make important decisions and ensure that all...Read More