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Intellectual Property

In the digital age it has never been more important to protect your brand and reputation.

Your intellectual property assets are arguably the most valuable of your business and left unprotected these can be exploited.

Elysium Law can assist with all aspects of acquiring, protecting and using intellectual property, including:

  • Reviewing your brand and assisting with registering your trademark;
  • Advising upon what rights must be registered and what rights are automatically protected;
  • Advising upon the suitability of an EU trademark following Brexit;
  • Identifying risks and ensuring opportunities are capitalised upon by ensuring you have an effective intellectual property strategy;
  • Advising upon the commerciality of your intellectual property
  • Advising upon intellectual property disputes, including both alleged and actual infringements;
  • Resolving disputes via Alternative Dispute Resolution or Court Proceedings;
  • Collaborating with international lawyers on cross-jurisdictional issues.

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