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Business owners

Are you the owner/director of an SME, family business, partnership, one-person band or property company?

Whatever your business and areas of expertise, it’s wise to have a trusted law firm to advise you when needed.  

We’re here to help you with our range of commercial law services, including: 

  • Incorporation: Get your business off to a compliant start 
  • Effective tax planning both personally and for your business:  Income, pension structuring, tax-efficient awards and share schemes – once we understand your business and financial objectives, we can advise on the best way forward for you 
  • Tax planning structures: We can help you structure your business group in the most advantageous ways, and our advice will set you up in the most efficient way for an eventual sale
  • Contracts: We draft and review commercial contracts 
  • Disputes: Litigation and Dispute Resolution is a speciality of ours
  • Property portfolio: Incorporation and effective tax planning structures 

Related case studies

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Breach of contract

We successfully settled a claim on behalf of a company against a former employee.

This related to work unlawfully undertaken by the employee during his employment and after leaving the company in breach of his employment contract and post-employment ‘restraint of trade’ clauses. 

This matter was successfully settled following our threat of litigation and subsequent negotiation between the Defendant and us. The offending employee paid all unlawfully received monies back to our client.

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