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Individuals impacted by data breaches

Unfortunately, data breaches have become more prevalent in recent years and are always a risk, even if you try to protect your data. 

If a company that holds your data processes it in breach of the legislation or holds your data in such a way that it is disclosed in an unauthorised way, whether accidentally or deliberately, then you are entitled to claim damages.

You can claim any identifiable losses arising from fraudulent transactions caused by identity theft. You can also claim general damages if the data breach has caused you distress. We will discuss your case at length and identify which damages are relevant to your specific matter.

We are seeing a growing number of cases where data held by an employer appears online, causing damage to the employees affected. Significant data breaches can lead to employees being victims of fraud, having a reduced credit rating and scam attempts on their accounts. If this happens to you, we can represent you as a group, which reduces costs and goes further to prove a systematic and wholesale data breach. 

This is a relatively new issue and one in which we have some significant experience. 

If you’re in this situation and have been a victim of fraud, reduced credit rating or scam attempt, we can help. 

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