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We offer tax advice in the following areas:

Business Tax

We can assist businesses with:

  • advice on structuring, especially in this modern age of international and internet businesses
  • tax efficient remuneration strategies, through income, pension structuring, tax efficient awards and share schemes
  • business asset protection – holding key assets such as premises or IP in ringfenced structures.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We are able to advice on IHT planning but the structures require the application of reliefs that can take up to between 2-7 years for effective planning

International tax concerns apply to anyone who has:

  • International businesses
  • UK Pensions that may consider retiring abroad
  • Holiday homes
  • Overseas income
  • Overseas assets and is moving to the UK

If you have a tax issue that you want to discuss then please contact us.

HMRC Disputes and Tax Appeals

For contentious issues we have considerable experience in HMRC disputes including FTT and Upper Tier litigation.

Defending claims made against Loan Charge Contractors

Elysium Law were instructed to defend claims made against loan charge contractors.

We represented individuals often working for an umbrella company or for their own personal service company. These individuals had been marketed a tax avoidance scheme which in short involved the payment of minimum wage and the remainder of earnings due were paid by way of a ‘loan’, which they were informed would never need to be repaid. In some cases they were told the scheme was a condition of joining the umbrella company.

Unusually, the purported ‘loans’ had been assigned out of the Trust and have either directly or via other companies ended up being assigned to a company who made demands for payment.

Elysium reviewed over 107,000 pages of documents disclosed in this matter and it was clear from the review of these documents, together with evidence from Our Clients, that the loans were ‘circular’ and were never intended to be repaid. This was clearly a tax avoidance arrangement, and the loans were, in our view, unenforceable.

Elysium Law facilitated a mediation in order to narrow the issues in dispute. Following that Mediation, Elysium Law subsequently served upon the company a comprehensive letter of response that rebutted the claims on the grounds of collateral contract, misrepresentation and breach of trust.

For more information please read our article on this topic.

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Richard Gray

Barrister Director

Described as an innovative, dedicated and highly driven lawyer with a strong vision for the use of a Barrister lead firm to deliver high quality advice.

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David Brogelli

Practice Manager / Legal Advisor

David is Elysium Law’s Finance and Practice Manager and oversees operational duties, in addition to assisting as a fee-earner.

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Ruby Keeler-Williams

Chartered Legal Executive (FCILEx)

As a professional who has quickly built a successful career path, Ruby’s extensive and thorough knowledge of the law and procedure is invaluable in identifying the key issues of any new instructions we receive.

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